I did book 24 hours Getgo vehicle and suppose to return at 11pm on 29 August 2023.

1) received reminder from Getgo Team I 'll be ending my trip soon. To my surprise its already 1103 Hours supposed to be 1100pm.

I quickly try to extend as there is a Grace period of 15mins.

But i can't assess and extend just like the usual way.

Without hesitation i ask live chat for help after explaining to them.

Told not to worries and go to booking and extend but after twice trying to extend it still not working.

May I know why is the grace period not able for customer to extend ???

I did live chat with Getgo team, by than i was told its too late as its system down form Getgo.

Is this the way I'm going to charge for additional $50 during the Grace periods i Have Had Intend to Extend and inform Getgo Team during my overlook of 3 to 4 mins during my Grace period moreover, !!!

Getgo App dun allow me to extend,,, as well as Getgo Team system not able to extend when told by Getgo Teams.

I would appreciate and hope Geatgo Team would take this matter seriously aso Refer to getgo Stafff's and HR Department as the penalised of $ 50 is not a small amount. Im upset of the way Customers Service Team not only trying to solve or assist with this issue at all plus +++ in return for what i deserved with ... ( Sorry our system can't assess, due to after Grace period ) Thanks Getgo Teams & Staff's for the time taken taken knowing that everybody is busy. I grateful that I learned ( 15 mins Of Grace Periods is jus to remind you But there is No way at all we can extend one to two hours ?

As Getgo system has had already lock it or ??? Provided Additional $50 will deduct from your bank after you end your trip without hesitation.

Location: Singapore, Singapore

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